One Reel at a Time

Welcome to my exploration into Inquiry Learning, one View-Master™ Reel at a time.

With experience in both Primary and Secondary teaching throughout my career, the term ‘Inquiry Learning’ is not new to me.  The more I delve into Inquiry Learning, the more I realise there are many different points of view on the pedagogical approach.

My brand new (to me) 1950’s stereoscopic viewing device offers seven three-dimensional wonders of the world in full colour.  Each reel to be enjoyed by the average person without excessive outlay.  (Unless of course you found said stereoscopic device in an antique store!)

Within this blog, I will attempt to offer my 3 (not 7) wonders of Inquiry Learning.   With every pull of the transport lever, a new image appears on the View-Master™ Stereoscope, similarly with each new search for information, new questions and learnings will no doubt come to life in an amazing three-dimensional view.